When to start with dental care with kittens

Starting with a healthy dental care from an early age has huge benefits for your cat’s health. Dental disease, caused by plaque and tartar, is a serious problem. Keeping healthy teeth and gums with your kitten can prevent some serious diseases later in life. 

Here are our tips for a healthy dental care for kittens: 

You can prevent periodontal diseases later in your cat’s life by keeping to a healthy daily dental care routine.

Getting familiar with it 
Let your kitten get used to the feeling of you touching his mouth and opening it. You might need to hold your kitten from running away, so you want to practice this position as well. When your kitten is used to you touching his mouth, try to involve a brush for cats. 

Make brushing teeth part of your daily routine 
When your kitten’s used to the feeling and all goes well, start with brushing to make it part of your daily routine. Begin to do it once every two weeks and build up from there. 

Use a special brush and paste for cats 
Other products can harm the teeth or contain toxic ingredients for cats. So be sure to use special brushes and pastes that are available for cats. 

Brush 3 times a week or more 
Brushing your kittens teeth 3 times a week is sufficient, although brushing more often is better. If your kitten is okay with it, you can brush every day, allowing no build up of plaque and tartar. 

Approved chew toys 
Approved chew toys are another way to protect your kittens teeth. Unfortunately, many chew products are not good for cat’s teeth and can even damage them. Chew toys should not be so hard that they feel solid. 

Include seaweed in your kitten’s daily diet 
Wolfberry Well-Being by Vigor & Sage contains seaweed that, when chewed, removes plaque and bacteria. When seaweed is included on a daily basis, it will be harder for plaque and tartar to stick and build up on teeth. This makes Wolfberry Well-Being the perfect addition for a healthy lifestyle and part of a healthy daily dental care routine.  

Get Wolfberry Well-Being with seaweed here and improve your kittens dental health. 

You can prevent periodontal diseases later in your cat’s life by keeping to a healthy daily dental care routine. It really makes a huge difference for your kitten. 

Wolfberry Well-Being is a high-quality, grain free kitten food. It has a high meat content of 88% and beneficial herbs. The dry kibble contributes to less buildup from plaque and tartar. 

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