Tips for optimal digestive health in cats on the long run.

Vigor & Sage believes in a long and healthy life for cats through the prevention of health issues. Strengthening the natural health of cats and improving on the quality of life in the most natural way possible. 

Why amino acids and nutrients is importent
Cats are natural carnivores and are great at processing meat. It’s where they get their nutrition from so you want to feed cats quality meat, because that will contain the amino acids and nutrients they need. Cats can’t produce these nutrients themselves, so they need to get it from their food, or else their body will start to break down body muscle to get it. 

Because cats are carnivores, their diet consists of mostly meat. Quality meat combined with a small amount of vegetables and herbs will form a perfectly balanced and nutritious diet for cats. 

**Quality meat is vital for the immune system and helps cats maintain lean muscles. It also contributes to a healthy skin and coat. **

Minimal protein sources   
A mix of possibly unknown meat types are way more complex to digest. Where a few protein sources become predictable for the stomach and easy to digest. Cats are hunters, but they won’t get a lot of variety of protein sources from their natural diet. So, few protein sources are easier on the stomach and even more natural for cats. 

Less protein sources also play a role in the prevention of creating adverse gastrointestinal reactions. Preventing food sensitivities, and allergies. 

**Reduces the risk of adverse gastrointestinal reactions and can more easily be digested. **

Dental hygiene  
While you might not think of dental hygiene for improving digestion, it is something you shouldn’t overlook. The importance of dental hygiene in cats is now recognized as something that has a great impact on overall health as well as gut health. 

A study suggests that bacteria such as Klebsiella that lives in the mouth can contribute to gut diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. When certain strains of bacteria from the mouth make their way to the gut and settle down in the intestine, they can trigger chronic inflammation.

**Brushing your cat’s teeth will reduce the risk of chronic inflammation in the gut **

Obesity has a negative effect on the microbiome and overall health. Indoor cats generally get less activity than outdoor cats. So if you have an indoor cat, you’ll want to stay aware of your cat’s activity and encourage exercise. 

**Cats who are more active have more healthy bacteria in the gut and are less at risk of developing digestive diseases.**

Bonus tip #1 
Grains are not a part of the cat’s natural diet, cats don’t benefit from them and can cause an upset stomach. And dairy products are problematic for most cats, it aggravates the stomach and leads to digestive issues. Look for a cat food that is truly free of grains and dairy products, and offers a nutrient rich diet.

**No grains and dairy products.** 

Bonus tip #2 
Adding some vegetables to a cat’s diet will boost their immune system and reduce the effects of aging. Herbs are also often immune boosters and can aid in a healthy digestion. 

Oat grass soothes the stomach and chewing peppermint can also have a soothing effect. Herbs are an excellent way to add nutrients to a cat’s diet and they can benefit cats in many ways. However, we do advise to get a quality, ready made cat food to be sure your cat’s diet is balanced and complete in nutrition. 

**Vegetables and herbs**

Advice for digestive health in cats

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