The natural prevention of ticks and fleas for pets

The natural prevention and combat of ticks and fleas is for anyone who doesn’t want to add harmful chemicals or drops to their pet. Besides all of the negative side effects flea drops or tablets can have on your pet, while using natural ways to combat ticks and fleas can be safe and easy with these tips. 

Preventing ticks and fleas to get a hold of your pet is the most effective strategy. Combatting them when they’ve already taken over your pet, furniture, and house takes up a lot of your time and effort. The best prevention technique is a healthy pet with a strong immune system. A healthy pet will be less likely to be picked by fleas and ticks. Set your pet up for succes with a healthy natural diet. 

  1. A clean house 
    A clean house is less attractive for fleas and ticks. By cleaning regularly you can minimize the risk that your pet will get them. 
  2. Ceramic beads necklace 
    These necklaces with ceramic beads are a natural solution against ticks. They’re not only very effective for most pets, they look very cute as well. 
  3. Natural remedies 
    Feed your pet products that are acidic or that have live healthy lactic acid bacteria, like garlic, apple vinegar, buttermilk, or kefir. It makes your pet’s blood taste less attractive to ticks and fleas. You can feed your pet garlic from your kitchen, but there are also garlic tablets available. Garlic can be given every day for your dog, but don’t use garlic with cats! 
  4. Herbs 
    Various herbs have a superfood effect on pets and they are used generally to improve health and immunity. A healthy pet with a strong immunity has a stronger natural barrier against fleas and ticks. 

    A herb that has found to be effective to combat and prevent ticks and fleas is fenugreek. Spread ground fenugreek over your pet’s food for approximately 10 days. When the fleas and ticks are more active you can feed fenugreek to your pet for 3 to 4 times a week. Dogs of a regular size can have a small handful, a cat shouldn’t get more than a teaspoon. 
  5. Sheep fat treats with garlic 
    There are treats available that are made from sheep’s fat and contain garlic. These treats have an antiviral and antiparasitic effect. 
  6. Specialized shampoo 
    If your pet still has gotten fleas despite your efforts to keep them away, a specialized shampoo against fleas can get rid of them. A thorough washing with a natural special shampoo will also do a good job of getting rid of fleas. It should only be used moderately so it’s advised not to wash your pet too often. 
  7. Essential oils 
    Essential oils can be used topically to ward off any ticks and fleas, they don’t like the smell. This is safe for dogs, but not for cats because of the terpenes that are a compound of essential oils. You can use lavender, lemongrass, tea tree oil, eucalyptus, or peppermint. Use one or a combination of these oils and apply topically behind the ears, in the loins and on the tailbone. 
  8. Neemoil 
    Neemoil is an oil from the seeds of the neemtree and is a very effective detterent against fleas and ticks. Neemoil can be used to water down essential oils, or be combined with apple vinegar and water for a anti-tick spray. Be aware that neemoil has a strong odour, which not every pet likes. 
  9. Homemade lemon spray 
    When your pet has fleas they will have spread onto your furniture, floors, and other areas as well. Keep your furniture and other areas like tables or the kitchen clean with this homemade lemon spray. 
    Cut a lemon into thin slices, add to half a liter of water and bring to a boil. Leave overnight and transfer into a spray bottle the next day. You can add some citronella at this point if you have it. Lightly spray onto the affected areas. 
  10. Tick tweezer 
    When your pet has a tick there is no better way than using a tick tweezer to get them out safely. There are other methods to remove ticks, but they are not guaranteed to be safe or to kill the tick. When you use a tick tweezer, you can check that the tick came out right and it didn’t leave it’s head behind. 

Use any of these tips for natural prevention or combine them all to get the best result. However, nothing is ever 100% effective, so make sure you always check your pet for fleas and ticks anyway. 

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