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Interview with Nelson and Antonito from @the.mink.ragdoll.brothers 

What’s the favorite flavor of your cats? Our cats eat the Poria Sterilized Care for indoor cats. They don’t come outside and we don’t want them to get fat, so this is the perfect dry food for them.  How did your cats react to the new food? They liked the food immediately. The food smells good and

The natural prevention of ticks and fleas for pets

The natural prevention and combat of ticks and fleas is for anyone who doesn’t want to add harmful chemicals or drops to their pet. Besides all of the negative side effects flea drops or tablets can have on your pet, while using natural ways to combat ticks and fleas can be safe and easy with

Tips for optimal digestive health in cats on the long run.


Vigor & Sage believes in a long and healthy life for cats through the prevention of health issues. Strengthening the natural health of cats and improving on the quality of life in the most natural way possible.  ✅ Why amino acids and nutrients is importentCats are natural carnivores and are great at processing meat. It’s

How to start with dental care with your puppy

Food for puppies and dental care

Starting with a healthy dental care from an early age has huge benefits for your dog’s health. Dental disease, caused by plaque and tartar, is a serious problem. Keeping healthy teeth and gums with your puppy can prevent some serious diseases later in life.  Here are our tips for a healthy dental care for puppy: 

7 Tips to help your dog lose weight!

Natural weight loss dog food full of nutrition low on calories

51% of dogs in Europe are overweight or obese, and that excess weight is tied to an astonishing array of health problems. You can seek your vet’s counsel on your dog’s ideal weight, but a quick way to assess good canine condition at home is to ask: 1. Does your dog have an hour-glass shape

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