Cecilie K, Norway

Theo has used Vigor & Sage from the election period until now and we are super satisfied. 😀The fur is shiny, the stomach is happy and Theo has developed well with muscles. we stick to V&S 🐾🥰

Renate Lund, Norway

Super satisfied with Vigor & Sage! Can be especially recommended for picky dogs! This is the first dry food excepted by my dog.

Julie K, Norway

This dog food is simply superb! The fur has become absolutely fantastic after we started on this food, in addition to the fact that the dogs love this food. The dogs are trained to be herding dogs so that they always have enough energy and are ready for each and every new working day. We are delighted to recommend everyone to test out Vigor & Sage! GINSENG SPORTING DOG sjekk teksten. AGILITY

Marianne K, Norway

Fantastic food! My dog has a very sensitive stomach. With Vigor&Sage the stomach was good in a short time. Very pleased 🥰🐾🐶

Gunn Paula F, Norway

Extremely satisfied with this feed, my dog’s stomach has become so good after I switched to Vigor & Sage 😍

Peter Van G, Europe

Tried this food by accident as our petshop didn’t have our dog’s regular good in stock so they gave som samples og V&S food. We have a Boston Terrier, which is normally very gassy and had almost always diarrhea. Both issues were gone 2 days feeding him V&S food.

Jeanette N, Norway

Because of high quality, and tastes very good. This Cat food gives my cats very good fur. Strongly recommended.

Tina D, Norway

My cats love it, + the result is fantastic fur and skin.

Shea S, Europe

My cats love it and their fur has never been shinier or more beautiful.

Lisa F, Norway

Bought their food and both my cats have been on it for about three months now. They have gained muscle mass and the weight on their stomach is shrinking! They shed less and eat smaller amounts to get satisfied. Very pleased! 😊👍

Irene, Denmark

Every road trip we take with our sweet old poodle, I’m convinced it’s going to be her last 💔 Bless the staffer at the pet store in Oslo who listened to me list off all her food allergies and digestive problems, then steered me to a brand of pet food I’d never seen in Copenhagen. Long story short—and no this is not a sponsored post—my aging, sickly dog got a new lease on life almost overnight. This is me coming out of self-imposed Instagram retirement to shout out @vigornsage for giving me a bit more time to spend with my senior canine companion. 🐾

Karianne B, Norway

The dog is very happy with the food and works very well on the senior food 🙂

Nelson, Europe

Earlier I had to get up at night because of the dog. After I switched to V&S, both me and the dog sleep all night.

Marit T, Norway

Have a male dog that we have struggled a bit with gaining weight.
With his vigor Lillyroot & Beauty, he has finally put on weight. Good to find one because he works on and keeps the weight up. TIL HIT CA.
Oh, for those of you who are now thinking rumen, no, he has grown up on that and with a dog of 8 kg that gets as much rumen as a Samoyed and the Alikavel is thin, it doesn’t work optimally for this boy.