Often asked questions

Of course you can. We have all our products available if you click here.   You can also check if its available online in your country her

All our distributors are able to set their own prices dependent on their possibility. The recommended retail pris is what we recommend they use. Note that the price will depend on different cost in that spesific country. 

If you (or your pet) aren’t 100% satisfied, we will give you the money back or new item. The item is returned to as we agree after you have sent us an email. Remember to keep your order confirmation. Applies to all sizes, but you can not have used more than half of the content.

Research shows that puppies of large breeds are particularly prone to skeletal diseases if they are not fed with the correct content of certain nutrients, especially energy, calcium and phosphorus. VIGOR & SAGE Wolfberry Well-Being Large Breed Puppy is designed specifically for puppies of large breeds, based on this research.

Every pet is different, and it is individually how much food they need to stay healthy and healthy. You will find feeding-tables with the recommended amount of feed per day on our product pages. These tables are indicative and a good starting point, but you must always adjust the amount of feed according to your pet’s hold and activity level.

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