Interview with Nelson and Antonito from @the.mink.ragdoll.brothers 

What’s the favorite flavor of your cats? 
Our cats eat the Poria Sterilized Care for indoor cats. They don’t come outside and we don’t want them to get fat, so this is the perfect dry food for them. 

How did your cats react to the new food
They liked the food immediately. The food smells good and looks good. When the bowl is refilled, all three of them start meowing out of joy. And a nice side effect: the food also makes their coat beautiful. 

Is the quality what you expected? 
Yes, and even more than that! After trying so many brands, we hardly dared to hope that this brand would solve the diarrhea problem. Luckily it did, and now we can’t imagine our life without Vigor & Sage. 

What is important to you when you’re looking for cat food?
For us it is important to give our cats grain free food. Before we discovered dry food from Vigor & Sage, we have tried different kinds of grain free dry food from other brands, out cats had diarrhea almost every day… Not fun for us and definitely not fun for the cats. After trying different types of cat food for a few months, we ran into Vigor & Sage. We were surprised, our cats finally stopped having diarrhea and they loved the food instantly. 

Do you get it at the store or do you order the food? 
We order the food online. Fortunately, the order is always shipped quickly so our cats can enjoy their food within a few days. 

Would you recommend our cat food to others?
Definitely! Use our code BROTHERS10 to get a discount on your first order. 

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