Wet Food- Fresh Chicken & Ginseng 12 cans

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Wet food with fresh chicken and Ginseng for good digestion and good immune system. Can be used as a snack or as a flavor enhancer for dogs with poor appetite.

Dog-food-Cat-food-Fine-dining-with-herbs-Quality-of-LifeDog food – all life stages.


Unit price per Can/Tin 185g. 2.29 Euro. Delivers in 12 cans/tray price 27.44 Euro.

Mono Animal Protein – Fresh Boneless Meat – Natural Herb Benefits – Grain Free Recipe

Fresh chicken 47%, pea protein, carrot, dried seaweed 0.05%, ginseng 0.03%.

Analytical constituents
Crude protein 9.7%, Crude fat 7%, Crude ash 3.1%, Crude fibre 0.5%, Moisture 78.6%.

With Finest Ingredients Made In Spain

Fresh Chicken – Mono animal protein, low sensitivity, high digestible.

Ginseng –  Supports the immune system.


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1 review for Wet Food- Fresh Chicken & Ginseng 12 cans

  1. Joseph Roberts

    Our little girl can’t get enough of this wet food, and since she’s eating it she’s visibly healthier and happier.

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fresh boneless chicken
Without bones, tistestines or skin. Easily digestible proteins.
Supports the immune system. Helps reduce free radicals.
Contains essential amino acids that help to nourish the skin.