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Goji Berry Well-Being -Large Breed Puppy

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Puppy Food Large Breed and grain free. Goji Berry Well-Being Puppy food is a high quality puppy food that is full of natural nutrition like fresh chicken, selected fruits, vegetables and beneficial herbs, specieally recommended for supporting a healthy growht for puppies.

Fresh Chicken & Green Tea

Tasteful recipe for puppies of large breeds up too 18 months of age.

Fresh, boneless, lean chicken is high in protein, helps stimulate muscle development and maintain a healthy body weight.

Green tea is one of the healthiest leaves on the planet, filled with important nutrients and antioxidants. It also helps remove harmful bacteria in the mouth, improving dental hygiene and leading to fresher breath.

Goji berry, contains natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Wolfberries help stimulate and strengthen the immune system.

Other important ingredients include yam and tangerine peel. The yam is a good source of vitamin C and minerals; it can aid digestion and build a strong body. While tangerine peel also offers a myriad of health benefits: helping to improve digestion, assisting the well-being of the respiratory system and helping keep skin soft and healthy.

Our holistic combination of fresh meat with carefully selected herbs, vegetables and fruits provides a highly nutritional and tasty food that follows your puppy’s natural daily dietary needs.

2 kg / 12 kg

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Ohne Knochen, Innereien oder Hautbestandteile; mit leicht verdaulichem Protein.
Grüner Tee
Unterstützt die Mundschleimhaut und sorgt für eine bessere Zahnhygiene sowie frischen Atem.
Unterstützt und stärkt das Immunsystem.


Reich an Schleimstoffen, die den Verdauungstrakt schützen.

Enthält Limonoide, die die Verdauung auf natürliche Weise unterstützen.




  • Keine beigefügten künstlichen Farbstoffe.
  • Keine beigefügten künstlichen Konservierungsstoffe.
  • Keine beigefügten Geschmacks-verstärker.

Feeding Guide

Wolfberry Well-Being Large Breed Puppy food feeding guide


Fresh boneless chicken meat (26.0%), dried chicken (14%), sweet potato, potato, peas, chicken fat, salmon oil, flaxseed, green tea (0.4%), beet pulp, beer yeast, goji berry (0.14%) , tangerine peel (0.14%), yam (0.14%), carrot, plum, apple, banana, kiwi, fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS), yucca, glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate.

Additives, nutritional additives (per kg):
Vitamin A: 10000 IU, Vitamin D3: 1000 IU, Vitamin E: 90 IU (natural antioxidant), copper (as copper sulfate, pentahydrate) 8 mg, iron (as iron sulfate, monohydrate) 80 mg, manganese (as manganese oxide) 35 mg, zinc (as zinc oxide) 100 mg, iodine (as calcium iodide, anhydrous) 2 mg, Selenium (as sodium selenite) 0.1 mg.

Analytical constituents

Protein 30%, fat 14.5%, crude ash 8.3%, fiber 50%, phosphorus 0.9%, calcium 1.1%

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