We believe that for most people a pet is like a member of the family. As such pet owners want to show their uncompromising love and care by providing only the best. Based on this belief we have created a range of fine foods with natural herbal boosting effects.

We want to be the authority in natural pet foods. We feel it is our responsibility to move the pet food industry in a healthier and more transparent direction. It’s not just about selling products. it’s about providing people with a brand they can trust and be inspired by.

Healthy and natural dog and cat food VIGOR & SAGE

Grain free dog and cat food Grain free

Natural holistic cat and dog foodContains fresh and easily digestible muscle meat or salmon

Natural and high quality dog and cat foodOne animal protein source in each product

Healthy Herbs for dog and cat Specially selected herbs for physical and mental well-being

Dog and cat food 100% natural and holisticClean, complete products, without artificial additives